1. Music Organizations

Monterey Concert Band Page

We practice year-round at the Monterey Recreation Centre in Oak Bay each Thursday from 4:25pm.

British Columbia Registered Music Teachers Association (BC

Formed in 1930, the Victoria Branch of the BCRMTA is the second oldest Branch in the province.

Island Musicians Association (CFM 247)

The Island Musicians Association (IMA) is Local 247 of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM), operating in Canada as the Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM).

Friends of Music

FOM Music Society is a charitable organization that offers musical opportunities to persons recovering from mental illness.

Clarinet & Sax Society UK

Our Mission: To encourage, in any way the Society sees fit, the enjoyment, appreciation, knowledge and understanding of the instruments of the clarinet and saxophone families and the music playable on them.

2. Music Sources

Hal Leonard music


3. Music Technology


Offers cloud-based music tools for teaching, learning, and creating music with Finale, Garritan, and SmartMusic.


 is a web-based tool that lets you turn sheet music into an interactive learning environment.


Find, play and create sheet music for any instrument or genre.

TE Tuner

is a versatile app that combines tuner, tone generator, recorder, metronome and more for various instruments and genres.

4. Music Listening


5. Music Performances

27:34 – Pre-parade interview, on the bus, by Ed Bain

2:35:30 ~ Coverage of FOM Music Society’s entry in the parade

Music Lessons and Performances – All Styles